2020 DHS Vision

To achieve DHS Arabia’s vision 2020 objectives, DHS Arabia has created 11 Vision Realization Programs mandated to translate the vision into measurable delivery plans led by governance, planning, execution, and a delivery culture.
DHS Arabia Vision Realization Programs
  1. Attractive Environment Program 
This program will focus on providing the best working environment for the employees in order to increase the employee retention and productivity.
  1. MTS Improvement Program 
This program will focus on the continuous improvement of the current Medical Transaction System, in order to match the requirements of the Insurance companies
  1. Products / Offering Development Program
This program will focus on the development, testing and delivery of new products, solutions and services
  1. RCM1 Program
This program will focus on developing and operating the new services, systems, solutions and applications required to manage the complete Revenue Management Cycle of the Healthcare Providers
  1. Strategic Partnerships Program
This program will focus on partnering with the best game players of the industry in order to ensure the best positioning of DHS Arabia in the healthcare market in Saudi Arabia
  1. Operational Excellence Program
This program will ensure the best practices and standards of the market are adopted in the company by applying the necessary tools, techniques and trainings.
  1. Digital Transformation Program
This program will target the automation and optimization of majority of the processes in the company and establish governance while transforming.
  1. Corporate Governance Improvement Program 
This program will focus on the enhancement and enforcement of corporate governance in every aspect of the company.
  1. Customer Experience Improvement Program 
This program will help in uplifting the customer experience at DHS Arabia to a world class level.
  1. Brand Recognition Program
This program will focus on uplifting the brand equity / recognition of DHS Arabia as a main player in the Technological Solutions in the healthcare sector.
  1. Business Continuity Program
This program will focus on uplifting DHS Arabia’s capability to maintain essential functions at all times. Comprising of all the projects necessary to establish redundancy, a Disaster Recovery site, and implement protocols for the business continuity and getting DHS Arabia certified for ISO (22301)

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