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Digital Healthcare Solutions Arabia (DHS Arabia) is a Saudi based Information Technology provider in the healthcare sector. Our beginning roots back in 2008 when we became a member of National Advanced Systems Company (NASCO) and began working on the e-transformation and effective revenue cycle management for the healthcare providers. Headquartered in Riyadh, we have expanded to the bigger cities of the Kingdom, with a branch in Jeddah.
Our company takes an upfront role in the digital transformation of healthcare services in the Kingdom and beyond. We realized that Information Technology and Electronic Data Interchange can transform how healthcare service providers design their work processes to facilitate their customers and the medical payers.


Our Vision:2

To e-transform the healthcare in the Middle East region and make it easily accessible.

Our Mission:

Digitizing the healthcare sector by providing trusted services and products to benefit from easier, faster and better accessibility.

What we do?

We use Information Technology to enable healthcare service providers in e-transformation of their transactions and Data Interchange with medical payers.  

Why DHS Arabia?

When it comes to switching electronic, we are the pioneers in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for healthcare in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we give you the chance to Focus on your business and outsource the conveyance part to us.

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