DHS PBM System Application 

The Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) application was designed to implement and administer a drug benefits system, for the insurance companies, third-party payers, patients and healthcare providers.

PBM – Facilitating Better Healthcare: 

  • Lower Costs
  • Improved Health
  • Enhanced Patient Experience

Target Clients: 

  • Third Party Payers (Insurance Companies, Employers)
  • Healthcare Providers (Hospitals, polyclinics).
  • Pharmacy Network (Hospital & community pharmacies)
  • Pharmaceutical Manufactures 

Offered Modules: 

  1. Drug Formulary Development and management (Drug Database)
  2. Member Eligibility Check & Pre- Authorization
  3. E-Prescription Module
  4. Pharmacy E-Claims management and processing
  5. Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Patient information & Medication history
  6. Benefit Plan Design and Administrative Services
  7. Member and Provider Customer Support Services
  8. Drug Utilization Review (DUR) & Reporting Services
  9. Cost Containment Programs (MAC list)
  10. Provider Web Portals, Member Web Portal, Member Mobile Application
  11. Drug Rebates / Discount administration
  12. Pharmacy Network Management

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