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DHS Arabia is making the healthcare facilities more efficient in terms of operations cost versus quality of service; whereby our e-Transformation tools and revenue cycle management modules help healthcare providers focus on the quality of care for its patient and allow technology to do the paperwork electronically. We are PROUD contributors to The e-Transformation of the SAUDI Healthcare Sector.

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Switching Solutions

Switching Solutions

DHS Arabia provides the healthcare professionals, clinics managers ... Read More

Pro-Surance Revenue Cycle Management

Pro-Surance Revenue Cycle Management

The RCM Module will be installed or  ... Read More



The Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) application was designed ... Read More

DHS Analytical

DHS Analytical

DHS have team up with world class vendors of Analytical and Bi Solutions ... Read More

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DHS eBoxes...

12:00 AM, 01 Jul 2019

DHS eBoxes ( New arrival)  Ready for distribution to new healthcare providers ...

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DHS on SADAD 539...

09:00 AM, 08 Jul 2019

Dear valued partner Now .. Paying DHS bills become faster, easier and better with SADAD services (biller number 539). Thank you for your support and trust. We hope our services will meet your sati...

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DHS Training session ...

12:00 AM, 26 Jun 2019

saudi_arabia eastren region  eClaims Training Session for healthcare provider  Topics discovered : 1. eClaims #statistics 2. DHSArabia #solutions 3. MSV Eligibility 4. eSubmi...

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eClaims workshop ...

03:00 PM, 06 Aug 2019

Jeddah Saudi_Arabia eClaims workshop on DHS-MTS for Al Mostaqbal Hospital Topics discovered : 1. eClaimsStatistics 2. DHSArabia#solutions 3. MSV Eligibility 4. e-Submission 5. Unlimi...

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PMP Program...

12:00 AM, 01 Jul 2019

As part of DHS Arabia’s Leadership Program we have successfully completed the PMP® training for the first batch of our employees, from the Engineering Sciences Institute by Mr. Ahmed Al Musallami W...

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Here is some of our customers and their valuable experience with us.

DHS team is distinguished and quickly response all the time  Claims submission on DHS MTS more faster and reduced our technical rejection   They are our success partner and we wis...

GNP group, Jeddah KSA

Dr. Khalid Labib

Group Insurance Manager
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