Customer Charter

Committed to our customers

The Directors and staff of DHS Arabia are committed to ensure that our customers receive a high level of service and information when serviced by DHS Arabia.
The following Charter sets out our commitment.
  1. All our ®Validation engines; Dataset structures; rules; are in compliance with the industry standards issued or stated by;
We also applied important (applicable) clauses from;
  1. We will provide you with detailed information about the services you are subscribed to use and it’s benefits for you.
  2. We will provide you with training; tips and awareness advice to minimize the risk of time wasting; wrong information entry or simply wrong codes usage during all your healthcare insurance electronic transactions operations.
  3. We will regularly update you on the systems updates; schedule maintenance and new features.
  4. We will provide you with reliable information about warranty and any other guarantees associated with the eBox server and any other devices that might be supplied to you during your contractual encounters with DHS Arabia.
  5. DHS Arabia Contracts / Subscription Form terms and conditions are clear and fair and in compliance with the Saudi laws and regulations.
  6. DHS Arabia Staff will perform a full demonstration of the functions and features of the system you are using before you sign your contract.
  7. Upon completion we will provide you with a MTS System Manual with instructions on running in and maintaining your transaction business.
  8. DHS Arabia dedicated Customer Care Team will inform you clearly of the warranty and emergency services procedures following final training of your staff on the MTS System.
  9. In the unlikely event there is a dispute between us you have the right to refer the dispute under the independent dispute resolution scheme set up under the Consumer Code for Home Builders.
DHS Arabia Customer Charter is drafted to be in compliance with the Saudi Electronic Transactions Law ; and the Saudi  Anti-Cyber Crime Law and DHS Arabia commitment does not affect your statutory rights nor your rights under both law’s. 
DHS Arabia is  doing its best to be always compliant with the Saudi Electronic Transactions Law ; and the Saudi  Anti-Cyber Crime Law .


Commitment to DHS Arabia Customers

We fully support the consumer code which is intended to create a fair balance between suppliers and customer. This Charter is intended to be fully compliant with the Consumer Code. A copy of the Code is available at (which one should we use)
During the sales process our Provider Relation Officers or Costumer care Team will advise you of the following:
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
  • Letter of Authorization (LOA)
  • Details of the contract clauses;
  •  services;
  •  description of services; 
  • cost of services;
  •  rights; exclusions; specifications;
  • laws and regulations;
  • Implementing and training dates.
  • Go live date
  • First Batch submitting support (we are happy to help you as much as you need)
  • MTS platform description;
  • Functions;
  • Support
  • Maintenance; schedule maintenance
  • Software updates
  • Cyber security brief
  • MTS manual usage
  • How to interact with Customer care Team.
  • Dispute Management under the Consumer Code.
  • and Hopefully answer all your questions or refer to our DHS Legal Team for (highly unlikely disputable) legal matters.
3. Privacy and Confidentiality: 
DHS Arabia takes privacy and confidentiality matters of its employees; partners and undoubtfully it’s respectful list of customers very seriously; and it is number one priority in all our daily operations.
The Customer Care Team is committed to interacting and responding to the inquires of our clients or general public directed via our official social media accounts or/and t via the Contact Us page.
4. DHS e-Services Standards 
  • MTS System Architectures was made with the help of normal users; doctors; nurses; claims specialist in order to maximize the customer experience factor and guarantee that technology is responding to the client’s needs; therefore; The MTS system will not exceed a maximum of 10 seconds, to be accessible on the approved infrastructure of our customers.
  • Ratio of readiness is 99.95%
  • Yearly contained downtime hours may reach to 10 hours.
  • Monthly contained downtime hours may reach to??  minutes.
5. DHS Arabia Customers' Responsibilities: 
DHS Arabia is committed to provide the optimum services for its customers, there are a conventional list of responsibilities for customers to accept in order to guarantee that they have profited from the services in line with what DHS MTS was implemented for.
Here are some details on the customers' responsibilities towards DHS Arabia;
List some of the obligations of the customers from our standards contracts.

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