THE COVID19 PANDEMIC & EFFECT ON DHS Arabia Partners and Business

Dear Valued Clients
Thank you so much for entrusting your transaction business workloads to DHS Arabia. We take this responsibility very seriously, ensuring we live up to your expectations every day... it's more important than ever to stay coordinated and provide the clarity needed to move work forward, no matter where you may be working.
We would like to assure our clients and business partners that DHS Arabia is monitoring the current COVID-19 Pandemic Situation   and taking the necessary measures to ensure service continuity while keeping our employees safe. 


DHS Arabia have activated the Business Continuity Plan where we ensure you that Our Operations will continue delivering same level of service excellence.
Please allow us to share with you some of our precautions in relation to our Team Availability; Technical & Operational Support;
Our Production Servers are located at some of the best Hosting facilities in Saudi Arabia and does not need operators from our side.
All staff worked form home on 17th of March 2020; and We requested all Teams to share their notes about this experience. 
DHS Arabia “Business Continuity” Task-Team did evaluate the situation and have come up with the following:  
DHS REMOTE WORK POLICY” to be activated as part of the Business Continuity plan. 
All our Teams are equipped with Technological tools to enable their work to be as smooth as possible and to engage with clients by telephone or via video conferencing systems; therefore, All Non-Critical Staff will be moving to a fully remote working mode.
All our physical meetings and travelling are postponed to a future notice. 
We have taken all hygiene steps in our office for the protection of staff who are required to attend office. 
We have supplied educational material about the virus to all our Staff. 
Our remarkable engineers and support staff will continue providing the best service possible to all our Healthcare Government and private customers around the clock and as long as it takes for all of us to go through these difficult times. 
All our Business Divisions / departments/ units and systems are fully operational.  You are welcome to be in touch the usual ways; by phone or emails.
Please be assured that we are treating this situation as a priority; whereby DHS Arabia is continuously monitoring the situation and adapting where necessary and as per the Ministry of Health ( ) guidelines and publications. 
We promise to keep serving you Faster; Easier, Better.

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